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Speaker: Dr. Vern Biaett

Date: Jan 26, 2020


Dr. Vern Biaett, CFEE, Assistant Professor & Chair of Event Mgmt. Department HPU

“I believe I’m a pretty creative person most of the time, well some of the time, at least when I don’t have to be”

This is a session about the CREATIVE process … about CREATIVE methods that can be used immediately by you and your organization to generate ideas.Almost everyone is familiar with basic “brainstorming” but do you actually know the process?You may have worn the “6 thinking colored hats” or engaged in a “power of 3” exercise to come up with better ideas, but have you ever experienced the “turbulence of élan vital?”You’ll also be introduced to one of Vern’s recent wild innovations, the “Katy Perry love bi-polar” creative method.

Think of this conference as the Land of Oz.It includes sessions for Dorothy’s seeking vision along the yellow brick road, lions requiring a dose of courage in these tough economic times, tin men needing to strengthen the heartbeat of their programs, and this educational offering, for the scarecrows in search of a more creative brain.

Biaett has produced events for 30 years, much of that as a manager of major festivals for the cities of Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona. As a faculty associate in the School of Community Resources & Development at Arizona State University he completed his doctoral studies and co-created a special event certificate program. In 2014 he relocated to North Carolina to create a new B.A. in Event Management at High Point University, which has already had 30 graduates and currently has 150 majors and minors.

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