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Speaker: Charlie Fuller

Date: Jan 27, 2020
Serving Alcohol...It's a Big Responsibility

Charlie Fuller, with the NC ABC Commission, will provide important information that festival planners need to know regarding alcohol sales at special events.

There are special risks involved when selling alcohol to the public. It is a unique product, and that’s why after Prohibition ended, the State of North Carolina chose to strictly control its sale. The ABC Commission issues ABC permits, and works with Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) officers to enforce alcohol laws and rules. In general, alcohol laws and rules control activities that take place in bars, restaurants, and stores where alcoholic beverages are sold. They are designed for the safety and general welfare of your customers. They also require the ABC Commission to follow the activities of permittees to ensure they are offering only the services allowed under their permits. As an ABC permit holder, you are required to uphold these regulations, and you play an important role in keeping the public safe. North Carolina’s ABC laws are found in Chapter 18B of the North Carolina General Statutes. The ABC Commission’s Rules are found within the North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 4, Chapter 2. A copy of the complete Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws and Rules is available for purchase from the ABC Commission. Or you may find the complete laws and rules online on the ABC Commission’s website, http://abc.nc.gov. This guide is designed to help you better understand some of North Carolina’s laws and rules regarding the sale of alcohol. Further, the ABC Commission strives to help permitted businesses operate within North Carolina’s regulations by providing good information and advice.
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